About TRAK: Marketing Data platform

Our mission is to make data accessible to all marketers. For years, we helped some of the world’s biggest brands (no really, ever heard of P&G, Microsoft or Netflix?) develop sophisticated data solutions.

We saw just how quickly marketing data and high-performance models could drive rapid growth. But all of this required big teams, high costs and complex processes. There had to be a better way. Meet TRAK.

“Why shouldn’t small and midsize businesses have access to the same modeling and targeting technology as big brands?”
Jessica Velletri Akinwale

Meet TRAK.

TRAK leverages artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques to transform manual data science and modeling techniques into an automated process.

Now, companies of all sizes from startups to D2C brands to DIY marketers can tap into the power of sophisticated data science. No fancy degree, big budget or army of gurus required.

TRAK’s leaders

Jessica Velletri Akinwale

Strategy and Biz Dev.

Brian Tran

Data Science and Analytics.

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