TRAK Data is a direct mail and digital marketing agency that helps brands maximize growth and improve profitability through advanced data-driven targeting solutions.


Focused on optimizing direct to consumer campaigns with machine learning and targeting analytics, we deliver improved performance across all online and offline channels including direct mail, email, and digital. Our clients consistently see reduced campaign costs and increased revenue, as well as seamless campaign management and execution.


Consumer data

Our data assets provide you with valuable prospecting information to reach potential customers at the right time, right place, with the right message. We have dozens of in-house data assets, hundreds of external data assets, and the experience to know which is right for you.

Data and Lists: Demographic, lifestyle, life event triggers, new and pre-movers, purchase-based data, and more.

Data Enrichment: Link your customer or CRM data to the largest national third-party database to enhance your intelligence and make more informed business decisions.

Identity Resolution: Connect the dots to find your customers across all channels.

Cleanse: Clean and validate customer data for better direct marketing campaigns.


Custom analytics

Direct access to individual level consumer data with over 95% coverage, and a deep understanding of leading descriptive and predictive modeling techniques and data science partners to maximize data utility and conversion.

Direct marketing performance analytics: analyze, segment, and build custom models to improve your direct to consumer marketing profitability.

Custom modeling: target and segment your customers with rich consumer data.

Create your perfect audience: merge 1st and 3rd party data, self-reported and existing variables to identify your highest-value consumers.

Expand reach: custom modeling to expand reach and find your most valuable prospects for conversion.


Data Activation

Data-driven strategies and activation across all channels. Through our direct data access and media partnerships, we have the platform to get your audience where you need it. Match target audiences 1:1 for direct mail, email, digital display, mobile, social, and TV omni-channel programs.

Cross-Channel Campaigns: Connect your custom prospect audiences 1:1 across all media channels for an omnichannel customer experience.

Audience Onboarding: Match your offline customer data online across all media including DSPs/DMPs for full integration.

Data Monetization: Upload your owned 1st party or self-reported data with our trusted, privacy-compliant matching capabilities to link or share your data.


Campaign execution and measurement

Turn-key solutions with preferred partner access across all channels for seamless and efficient campaigns. From data acquisition, targeting, physical campaign execution including offline printing and delivery, through to full measurement and reporting.

Strategic Services: Fully managed, data-driven campaigns designed for continuous optimization.

Campaign Execution and Measurement: Turn-key account management, campaign execution including direct mail and digital, and full measurement including engagement, response, and conversation through point of sale.