Introducing: TRAK Data Inc.

Welcome to TRAK Data!

Our missions is to help brands connect with future customers through advanced targeting and machine learning.

We have three potential strategies to help brands do this:

1. Activating your current customers

This is industry and marketing speak for joining your existing customers to a large national third party database.

When you send us information on your customers like first name, last name, address/zip - we can use a fuzzy name/nick name matching algorithm to connect them to the third party database. This match will enrich you customer data with thousands of new variables, and give you more information about each customer, to help you learn more about them.

After this link + activation is completed, you can learn about your current customers: House Hold Income, Sex, Age, Home Value, Preferred channel of communication, and even recent transactions.

2. Specialty mailing lists

These mailing lists will give your marketing strategy breadth. We have pre-built lists of consumers that you will be able to filter on to reach new types of people. This is an excellent, fast and cheap method to reach out to a new group of potential customers and expand your marketing list.

Let us know about your product, and we will find segments with a high affinity towards your product.

3. Customized modelling

This is usually the best route to go about acquiring new customers. Our data scientists will take a look at your overall marketing strategy and build a customized solution, tailored to your specific needs. This can mean anything from market segmentation, k-means clustering, factor analysis, principal components all the way to machine learning models like regression, neural networks, support vector machines, random forests and gradient boosting.

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